Hello everyone and welcome to the Digital Realm with me Prowen. Today I’d like to talk a little about what’s been going on and get back on track with my week hiatus despite being during the start of my content push :s I know total lame :(.

Not only was I totally hooked on a Netflix show called Sense 8 and watched both seasons in the week but I also started to write up about another adventure I took and that was my purchase of the Pokemon Go Plus device which has drawn me back into playing the game once more.

So where do I go from here? Well in addition to all the youtube stuff I have / planned I realise that doing so much is distracting from doing anything at all ?Yes odd I know but hear are my thoughts.

By going through playing Pokemon Go, watch shows, playing games, attempting to write and edit / type up articles I will have to make one become the broad and the other a focus untill I have either the mass time freed up or find away to fit all this in.

My wife has a busy school schedule coming up and with her working hard I’ll be using the time she is at school to make content for y’all both on here and on my youtube channel. As I always say I will not be playing games etc at the point where it takes time away from spending time with my wife thus some weeks like the past I will / may not post at all. If you’d like to keep up with what I’m doing outside of here or youtube I post now and again on the downtime on twitter.

Last week was both my wifes and I birthdays we are 4 days apart and had a lovely time together 🙂 Yes we both got the pokemon go bug through the adventure week and took our travels to San Diego where many new types of pokemon appeared for our poke dex’s :D.

On the Nintendo Switch front we have a lot of goodies dropping on the system from the new Disgea 5 (Demo Out) and the Arms testing going on both this weekend and next there is a lot of fun to be had around us.

Will we hear about a streaming service at E3? I sure hope so even if it means you have to be an ambassdor to get access to it I’ll be down for sures rather than the unsureness of posting content on youtube to see if the channel gets striked or not.

For the month of June I’ll be putting all my Digital Realm episodes that I was doing throughout may onto here and be posting videos exclusively about my book throughout June. This sounds kind of odd so let me explain. My reviews on movies, shows, games etc that I was making videos for will be typed up for this blog and the videos on my youtube will be about my NanoWrimo Novel. Hopefully this makes better sense :D.

I thank everyone for stopping by, what is your fave Arms character? Are you still playing Pokemon GO and for why are you still playing? I’ll be back tomorrow to post about my pokemon go plus device along with my thoughts on the first episode of One Punch Man 😀 yes I finally watched the first episode:D

Until next time though, y’all stay awesome.