Marvel’s – Iron Fist

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Digital Realm with me Prowen. Now don’t be alarmed but the Nintendo posts will be changing up for the coming month with some other pieces of content such as movies, tv shows and NanoWrimo among others.

Today I’d like to talk about Netflix and their newest edition to the Netflix Marvel Universe, Iron First. Leading up to yesterday when season 1 went live I had been hearing a lot of negative buzz about this show and how it notches down the fantastic and stella quality that Netflix has shown and produced with its other NMU tv shows.

Maybe this is the reason why I went in with lower expectations ? Or maybe why I kept an open mind to enjoying and liking the show despite the negative reviews / comments leading to Iron Fist release? Despite all these factors I found myself pleasantly surprised and happy with my time watching the first and then second and eventually watched 5 episodes in 1 day which I hadn’t done since back with Daredevil Season 1 launch.



What about the show hooked me? Well for one I have no idea about the character of Iron Fist so when the show opens up with our main character coming back to his childhood neighbourhood from being away for 15 years we are put into a state of confusion just like the supporting cast are when they hear of his return when they thought that he had died. It was from this confusion as we are working out what happened to our character along with the people in the show that really got me attached and hooked in knowing and finding out more.

Along with finding out about the character I also really enjoy our main character Danny Rand along with another supporting character Colleen Wing which together make an awesome combo team. There are a few easter eggs from the other NMU shows so keep your eyes peeled ;D.

Lastly before I get to the trailer which will go over the story of the show I’d like to mention another element of this show, that of the action and fight choreography which goes into all the components. Unlike Luke Cage, the Iron Fist is able to be cut and hurt having to be careful and rely on speed and strategy in his fights rather than acting like a tank.

This is the final defender for the up and coming show for Netflix MU Defenders which would be somewhat like an Avenger TV Show which is awesome with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and the Iron Fist (Comment below if I missed someone).

Here’s a trailer for your enjoyment:-

Thanks for stopping by and checking this realm out within TV Shows, I’d love to hear from you on your thoughts and experiences with Iron Fist, did you enjoy it? Dislike it or still waiting to get into the show let me know below but until next time everyone, stay awesome :D.