Welcome back everyone, I’d like to first of apologize for any comments that you may have submitted but were never approved or showed up. Looking over the comments I noticed all comments were being marked as spam and whilst reading them they seemed to me to be legit comments.

I’ve looked into the issue and all I’ve seen as a fix is to unspam the comment and eventually the spam filter will “fix” / allow those comments to be approved.

Just wanted to update those whom have or were interested in leaving a comment or two on a post that took to their fancy and didn’t want anyone to feel like I’m not allowing your comments to appear.

I’ll keep an eye on the comments every day or two and approve them until this spam filter works itself out. This being said i will be going back and replying to those whom may have been left out for their questions, feedback or even just took the time to stop by and comment I appreciate you all and I hope this post explains what happened and why no follow up occurred to you.

Thank you everyone, I’ll be back later on after work to post about my top 3 Nintendo Home consoles and why. This time I’ll aim to get it up before it’s too late like what happened last night :D.