Welcome back everyone and glad to have you stop on by this page. Today I talk about the PS4 Pro and my first impressions with the system once I had opened up the box and set it up.

For one like I mentioned in my last post I felt the process to install a new HDD was really easy and simple enough even for someone like myself who gets a shaky hand when it comes with electronics (Especially ones that cost so much :P). Once I had the drive it and the system setup I connected the USB into the back and fired up the system.

Now I’ve heard reports of black display and nothing being presented on screen with 4k TVs however I’d like to say (For the TV I have) the KS8000 Series Samsung 4k TV works like a charm installing a new HDD right off the bat straight from opening it up from the box it was delivered in moments before.

Once the drivers/software was all installed I instantly hooked up all my social medias and followed the setup process that the Playstation 4/Pro walks you through on first startup. From there I went to my PSN Plus tab and installed the free games on offer (Which will be backdated played while I play other games like FF15 :D).

Thus far no hiccups no issues unlike the stories I had been reading leading up to my purchase on cyber monday I was rather anxious to see what will or won’t work. Well instantly after installing a bunch of games seamlessly I loaded up Ratchet and Clank among that without even needing a difficult setup process I was streaming with it in moments.

Yes this was my first time with a PS4 controller and did take me a little getting used to compared to the PS3 controller however my next post 1 week with PS4 Pro will have a changed experience.

Yes the stream is a little terrible however I’ll post my FF15 stream in the next post where noticeable improvements can be seen with each stream. Part 5 will show more improvement with the green screen.

So am I happy with the PS4 Pro? First thoughts – YES! Very much so. Later on I delve into more and more features / details with the system but for now Yes I’m pleased with the Pro as someone who has never owned a PS4 before.

Want to see a stream of something else? Let me know in the comments or want to see more from Ratchet & Clank rather than FF15 also let me know 😀 thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you all next time.