Hello everyone another update as we close into the end of week 3 of Nanowrimo. I’ve just hit 30k words and….well here is the last paragraph I wrote :S yes it’s odd but what the hey were on another world haha.

{“What is he doing?” The little squirrel was confused with the human whom walked towards the deeper woodland. “He’s going to die if he continues down there.” Another squirrel replied turning to another and gave a signal. “Silly humans always going off the path that we make.” Faido had noticed his surroundings had changed and become a lot darker despite the sun being seen through the tree line. “Hmm so where do I find these humans within the day?” Faido spoke aloud which spooked the squirrels running under and through his footing. “Did you hear that he spoke he spoke.” “I know right, I’ve not heard a human speak since before the wolvern arrived in these parts.” The gathered squirrels continued to talk in shock with one another as a bigger, chunkier squirrel came rolling in on a nutmobile which oddly caught Faido’s attention stopping to admire this world’s critters being awesome. }

There you have it 30k words and the introduction of talking squirrels 😛 where is this story going? Well if your interested in reading the first 10 chapters to give me feedback then drop a comment below and say so 😀

Until next time though everyone, I’ve been Prowen and you have all been awesome stay cool and happy writing. Good luck, have fun and OMG 4k is awesome (For another time) :D.