Was going to post yesturday, however having a 5am shift truly zonked me out so rather than writing or posting anything I slept.

That being said I continue to progress well. Day 2 ended with 7100 words and day 3 ended with 8760 words which I’m rather happy with.

Aiming for potentially hitting 15k tomorrow since somehow I managed to get the day off. Chapter wise I’ve just wrapped up / wrapping up chapter 4.

Side note to NaNoWriMo, after my slumber from work last night I managed to go see Doctor Strange with my wife which was so incredibly awesome to see.

One of my favorite marvel films up there alongside guardians of the galaxy. I’m probably an odd marvel fan but I’m not really into Iron Man. Thor is okay. Hulk is cool and captain America pwns. However it wasn’t until the first avengers film and onwards when I truly fell in love with Marvel and loved their heroes as much as I love Batman and Wonder Woman on the DC side.

These are just my opinions however and obviously I don’t mean to offend your Marvel characters. But I’d love to hear your thoughts on the OG Avengers vs the Avengers whom will be fighting in the infinity war in the MCU phase 3  because the team has truly changed into something unbeatable awesome and a pleasure to watch each year.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and I’ll catch you tomorrow with another NanoWrimo Update :).