Hello everyone for those whom have not seen my latest episodes on Prowensworld over on Youtube I’m currently participating in NanoWrimo. 

I’ll be posting updates on here / my channel keeping those interested in my word count / adventure writing my first 50k word novel.

Super excited to start of on track with day 1 ending at 2740 words. In order to stay on track for 50k words in the month of November you must write 1667 words each day.

Thus far staying slightly ahead, however sneak peak into today already I’m aiming for 7k before bed tonight on day 2 :).

Love to follow others whom are also writing in Nano this year and hear your stories in the comments below.

Wishing you all the best and hopefully encourage you all to write along with me weather 50k is your goal or not. 1 word is more of an achivement than 0.

Until next time everyone stay awesome and happy writing :).