Hello everyone and welcome back or welcome for the first time :D.

Just posted my latest episode on mi youtube channel which is below, hope you enjoy.

Now then, with NanoWrimo fast approaching and my chromebook slowly (But still working) dieing on me with long lag / freezing. Should I invest in a cheapy $1-200 chromebook/laptop ? or wait for the final demise of this old and faithful Gen1 chromebook.

Once NanoWrimo is over it’ll be all PS4 Pro from there so wont be needing it much afterwards but something I’d love to hear from others thoughts on since I’m so back and forth on the matter leading up to November 1st.

Thanks for stopping by, expect more NanoPrep updates to come and hopefully with more story content. Let me know what part you’d like to know of the story as well as if you’d be interested in being a Beta Reader to improve and grow the content making it a better and stronger story.

Until next time though, stay awesome.