So I was going to post about my initial experience with Gear VR however I felt like this is needed currently so hear we go.

First off thank you to all those messaging me with news and information in regards to the Note 7 recall.

I’ve spoke to Samsung with online chat support  over the phone and been informed that until an official statement is placed on website that the recall is not yet in affect.

The gentleman on phone took down my number and shall contact me once word from samsung has been said. Now this has come from two different people working support in Samsung.

So for now I would recommend using official samsung chargers either the one that came with the device in box or their wireless charger. The recall is due to batteries exploding during and after charging. Thus far only 35 accounts have been reported.

If anyone knows anymore info that you could share I’d love to hear from you to clear up confusion that is being created by news media.

Thanks for stopping by everyone, next post will either be an update or a post on my first experience with gear VR šŸ™„šŸ¤”.

Until next time, stay awesome šŸ™‚