Finally arrived / setup and now live on my note 7. Lots to adjust / come adjusted to from my Note 4 but so far tix so smooth.

Curious though when I finally get down to unboxing and setting up my gear VR can it be run while in a case?

Going from my lush zero lemon case and extended battery to this standard battery with supcase – unicorn beetle comes with many aww and interesting changes alone.

One hand I miss ny brick that felt indestructible if ever to be dropped but I love how easy my note 7 can fit in my pocket but forever terrified to drop the thing after spending so much on it. Side note I’ve become familiar with the icons  on top due to constantly checking the battery life which I’ll be counting down the weeks to zero lemon announcing there note 7 battery :).

Thanks for reading everyone. Some vids are in the making for prowensworld over on YouTube. I’ll share them on here once uploaded :).

Until next time, you all stay awesome now.