Hello everyone I’m alive and well :p. Prowensworld.com is no more and prowengaming on youtube has slowed but that doesn’t mean it’s over.

I decided wordpress will be where I stay since having to post on my site and on here sucked and didn’t play nicely.

Youtube prowensworld will become my vloging / techy channel which will be linked here in posts. Where as prowengaming will be more streams at least until I hit 110 on legion and complete the story. Just having my PC hold together till then before I start pushing it.

So what’s been going down while I’ve been away? Well firstly my Gear VR is awaiting for my Note 7 to arrive this coming Tuesday 🙂 ment to get it back on the 19th but samsung had warehouse demands and I fell in that. Also have games lined up to play and tech vids to release.

Now I will be finding out how hard it is to edit via cell phone soon but I don’t want to keep putting things off due to video not being perfect so in order to actually create content I’ll be shooting video, attempting to edit then uploading as is until I get the programmes down on my note 7 when it arrives.

Love you all and thanks for sticing around whole I went afk but I’m hear and didn’t forget about ya just wanted to tye up some loose ends with prowensworld which wasn’t working out.

Don’t forget legion live stream 30th midnight of the 29th if you will but as soon as the games / expansion is launched I’ll be streaming.

Mini / a post will be put up once details are set up. If I can make the battle net streaming feature to Facebook work public I’ll upload a link if not it’ll be over on youtube / twitch depending.

Thanks again and I’ll see you inna few hours time 🙂