So you may or may not have saw my post about Pokemon Go US Beta – However rather excitedly I received an email from the Niantic Team with an invitation to field test this game.

Now I can’t show pictures or discuss anything about the app as of yet sadly (Although if you dig across youtube you’ll most likely find something). With that being said though I will say the thorough hour that I spent on it during my hike was entertaining and I see a lot going for it.

Hopefully the embargo will drop little by little so I can talk more about it with you all, but until then I want to build a reliable and loyal reputation with companies when given opportunity like this to be invited back for more games / betas etc.

So until then or until I stumble into something so epic that I have to spill some beans (Kidding) – Here is a trailer for the warcraft movie that premiers this thursday in select / most theatres and officially opens friday 10th of June here in the United States of America.

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Thanks for stopping by, if your also testing Pokemon GO you can add me – Prowen – or if your just pumped for the Warcraft Movie, type in the comments below –  For The Horde   /  For The Alliance.  – Prowensworld