Welcome back everyone,

In the count down to Warcraft Movie in just a few days time what’s going on this weekend with the launch of TMNT 2? Well sadly a very quite and disappointing opening.

When I screened it I absolutely loved it from start to finish to then hear bad things from my colleague whom wanted to walk out. This shocked me, and checking rotten tomatoes and imdb the scores are not helping it with a 33% and a 6.6 as of typing this.

I’d of expected a $60 Mill opening weekend but it seems as if from Box Office Mojo that TMNT2 will be opening with 35 – 40 Mill.

So what did I enjoy about the movie other than just all of it 😀 well why not check this review out because I pretty much felt the same way – No spoilers and Black Nerd Comedy is a great channel for all nerdy reviews.

Only things I could say badly and wasn’t a major one is that a certain character I wont mention should of had a higher pitched voice rather than deeper.

But that’s enough from me what about all of you? Did you enjoy this sequel of today’s turtles? Let me know in the comments below and while your at it… Horde or Alliance?