Welcome back, If you came from my wordpress blog then you’d know I took a vacation back in march for my brothers wedding. With that I fell behind all my shows, like the one above – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

With Captain America: Civil War coming out / being out depending where you are in the world, I wanted to catch up with this show since it has easter eggs / tie ins with the Marvel Movies. After watching episode 13 of season 3 I wiped my tears away and had to post about how good this show is.

I’d love to hear from those watching the show your thoughts and what you think about how their building up the inhumans. Looking forward to that movie in couple years :D.

This weekend coming I shall be watching Civil War and be sure to post that here on Prowensworld.com – Podcast development update shall be coming once PC is set up and operational again.

Thanks for reading, – Prowensworld