KA-BLAAAM!! 😀 It’s me, did you forget? Awww it’s okay don’t cry come back, sit down and bring you smile because my mind is at work and I have some thoughts for y’all :D.

So it’s come time for me to sadly leave Ting, no bad blood, no hate. We just don’t offer one another what we need right now. That’s okay though because taking Ting’s place shall be T-Mobile and what comes with it? A swanky data plan where I can do my new project ;).

Did you guess it from the title? I’m going to use my new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 along with the new service from T-Mobile, this here hype you day WordPress and my personal YouTube channel to loose me some weight. Some weight? Yes! I say some weight because I don’t want to make promises, deals, or talk this up so big that I completely bomb it.

Does that mean I’m not dedicated and promising my best? Heck no! From the time of writing this post 8.28pm February 1st 2016 I’m hyped up and pumped to get my plan going and get this on the way :D.

With that and making a start to it here is my starting weight.

Starting Weight – 272 Pounds

Daily Goal = 10,000 Steps

Drink 100 oz’s of water / Roughly 3 Liters (I don’t much / should drink a lot more)

For week one, these are my goals for each day for the next week. I’ll track it and let you guys and girls know next week how it all goes 😀

Target weight goal for last day of Feb – 260

Goal to be decided in due course – want to follow along then follow this post and keep posted each week. Making this a end of weekend / Monday post each week.

Pump yourself, hype yourself because if there’s others whom would like to join along then contact me below. Motivate one another and together we can digitally use our devices to turn fitness around from off our feet to on our feet ;). Pics to follow – #FeelingGood!