Hello all and welcome back, this post will be a little different to others in the sense that you the reader will get to participate within the story. More characters / opportunities shall arrive going forward but for the start It’ll be two people participation.

I’d like to release these on a weekly basis on Sunday but it all depends if those whom like to join can reply back weekly and if slots need filling. So deadline to reply is next Sunday January  24th 2016, let us begin.


“Horror is an understatement and from what I’ve seen, this is past a nightmare. Waking up day in and drifting off day out these are the demons that haunt my mind, my visions and my very existence”.

Welcome all to the planet Iegorx, where I have been enslaved and tortured in since I can remember living. Living? I wouldn’t call it that, more like taken at birth when they found out my ability and harvested for every ounce of strength I have each and every god damn forsaken day.

There’s others here also, not just myself. Ever since the rulers beyond changed hands this has what became of Iegorx. If I ever get out of here I’m killing the lot of them and changing the word god to mean something other than devil in my mind.

My cell is patrolled every 20 minutes, cells are spaced apart from one another and only 1 of us per cell so they can control all scenarios. Though that changed today when some new members came into the cell block shouting about some way out and the likes.

Foolish really, no one has ever escaped and I don’t see anyone succeeding anytime soon.

The toughest characters have tried to use strength out to be drained of their strength and killed from exhaustion. Those whom have smarts have been read by 20 steps already and caught before even beginning. Attempted escapees have joined together in an ambush to rush the guards but these are not the issue. It’s the beyond that prevents us from prevailing.

Shh, here they come with someone new. “This is what I thought until I felt the coldness in my chest. Looking down it didn’t take me long to know I wasn’t making it out, especially after I die today.”


So then everyone I’d like one or two characters of what ever race known or unknown that you prefer with an ability that you feel will help you out of this cell? Now remember, strength and intelligence isn’t enough to get out and those whom banded together never made it past the beyond.

So choose wisely.

Comment below and I’ll get in touch over the week. If you’d like to join in later on and didn’t make these slots then you still have a chance to join but most likely in parts 3/4.