Well I was looking forward to streaming some Elder Scrolls Online and seeing how the game is while I wait for Legion… Well within 5 minutes I stopped playing due to lag, freezing and cheer unplayable time. Hoping I can at least play on the North American servers since only check out the EU servers to play with my brother from America.

Here’s a dated but an early review of the game:- Thanks to AngryJoeShow

Is the game still like this now? If you play please let me know how the game is going into and in the early days of 2016.

Something to leave with for today though after that barf bag experience is the awesomeness of the program  serviio that I discovered on new years eve.

Having issue playing file types on your console to your living room pc or just wanting to connect you devices together to enjoy content elsewhere. Using this program nice and easily I connected the 360 to my PC and watched a movie with my wife which for some reason the 360 and ps3 couldn’t play via a usb stick? Odd indeed because neither could the smart T.V 😛 .

Worth checking out and fun playing around with.

Thanks for reading all and hopefully I can get myself onto a playable game of Elder Scrolls Online and share the game in its current existence.

Until next time, farewell  all.