Good morning everyone, I just arrived home from getting off work / watching a 1:30AM showing of the latest star wars film. No Spoilers here.

Wanted to kick the site off with one of the most hyped events of 2015 and let you know what the sites all about while hyping up Star Wars Episode 7.


So the site is a place I can promote and rave about things I’m and others are hyped up and looking forward to. Most likely multiple times a week I shall be updating the hype or talking about news events,topics etc.

Spreading the joy and keeping the hype train going for the hard times and struggles that life sometimes throws your way.

I’d like to have you leave the site with a smile on your face, or given you the strength to take a deep breath and press forward in your day knowing theirs something to look forward to once the days other with.


As I said no spoilers here, so I wont say much until end of the year once people have had a chance to view the movie. I shall only mention my broadest views and that is I felt the movie was awesome, had a total blast. Would love to see it again and totally pumped to rewatch the original trilogy before next years spin off squadron one.

Characters were casted to perfection, loved all the performances. Was an utter joy to watch this spectacular movie and I encourage all to see it this opening weekend if possible before any trolls get to you first.

May the force be with you all and happy holidays everyone.

Jar Jar FTW! 😀